Sunday, 26 April 2015

My Make-up Wishlist♥♥

Hi my darlings♥!!

Today I'm going to be sharing with you some of the products that are currently on my wishlist, please let me know if any of you have tried them down in the comments section, it would be much appreciated!!

At the top of my list - the Stila Field of Florals Convertible Colour Palette - $49.
I've wanted this palette for SO long now, I adore the convertible colours and I currently own 2 of them but I definitely want this palette because it's so pretty to look at and it would be really good to have all of the shades to try out! I'm so devastated that Stila don't ship to the UK but I WILL find a way!!

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - £31.
Another product that I have wanted for an absolute age is this foundation, I constantly read the amazing reviews about it but I've never bought it and I don't know why because it looks seriously amazing! I NEED!

bareMinerals Starter Kit - £39.
This is a fairly recent item that I've added to my wishlist because my best friend wears bareMinerals make-up and she swears by it, I'm a bit apprehensive though because I do have dry skin and this being a powder may stick to my drier areas...HELP! 
Sigma Essential Kit: Mr Bunny - £140.
I've been dying to try Sigma brushes for some time now and even though I adore my Realtechniques brushes it's always good to have a change! I've heard such good things about these brushes and they look really amazing. Love!
Anastatia Beverley Hills Cream Contour Kit - $40.
Once again I'm really devastated that this is only available in America and that ABH don't ship to the UK *cries*, however I'll definitely find out how to ship here (if you know how to ship products from America please help me out)!!

The above items are the only ones on my wishlist at the moment, however, it changes every few weeks. I'm thinking about making my wishlist a monthly series, though I'm not sure whether you would enjoy reading it every month. Please let me know below and don't forget to let me know if you own or have tried out any of these products, I'd really appreciate your input!!!

Love Kerrie♥xox

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