Sunday, 26 April 2015

My Make-up Wishlist♥♥

Hi my darlings♥!!

Today I'm going to be sharing with you some of the products that are currently on my wishlist, please let me know if any of you have tried them down in the comments section, it would be much appreciated!!

At the top of my list - the Stila Field of Florals Convertible Colour Palette - $49.
I've wanted this palette for SO long now, I adore the convertible colours and I currently own 2 of them but I definitely want this palette because it's so pretty to look at and it would be really good to have all of the shades to try out! I'm so devastated that Stila don't ship to the UK but I WILL find a way!!

Nars Sheer Glow Foundation - £31.
Another product that I have wanted for an absolute age is this foundation, I constantly read the amazing reviews about it but I've never bought it and I don't know why because it looks seriously amazing! I NEED!

bareMinerals Starter Kit - £39.
This is a fairly recent item that I've added to my wishlist because my best friend wears bareMinerals make-up and she swears by it, I'm a bit apprehensive though because I do have dry skin and this being a powder may stick to my drier areas...HELP! 
Sigma Essential Kit: Mr Bunny - £140.
I've been dying to try Sigma brushes for some time now and even though I adore my Realtechniques brushes it's always good to have a change! I've heard such good things about these brushes and they look really amazing. Love!
Anastatia Beverley Hills Cream Contour Kit - $40.
Once again I'm really devastated that this is only available in America and that ABH don't ship to the UK *cries*, however I'll definitely find out how to ship here (if you know how to ship products from America please help me out)!!

The above items are the only ones on my wishlist at the moment, however, it changes every few weeks. I'm thinking about making my wishlist a monthly series, though I'm not sure whether you would enjoy reading it every month. Please let me know below and don't forget to let me know if you own or have tried out any of these products, I'd really appreciate your input!!!

Love Kerrie♥xox

Friday, 24 April 2015

Blushing Hearts❤❤

Hi loves!!

I've been preparing this post for quite some time now and I'm really happy to be able to share my favourite baked cheek and face products with you all - Make Up Revolutions Blushing Hearts collection. This beautiful range consists of an array of different products from blushers and bronzers right through to the most gorgeous of highlighters.

These products are raved about all the time for being dupes of the Too Faced Sweetheart blushers and looking at pictures I can definitely see the similarities! However, there is a BIG difference with these two brands, the price range. The Too Faced Sweetheart blushers retail for £22 and the Blushing Hearts retail for £4.99 which I'm sure you will agree is a major difference, and even though these products are priced at the lower end of the scale, they definitely behave like high end products...they are absolutely GORGEOUS! The amount of product you receive for just £4.99 is ridiculous and the pigmentation is amazing, it's really hard to believe that they're so cheap!

The 3 Blushing Hearts that I currently own are - the Goddess of Love Highlighter, Summer of Love Bronzer and the Peachy Keen Heart Blusher. I mainly wear bronze and peach coloured cheek products because I wear fake tan most of the time, although I also find these colours suitable to wear when I'm paler which is such a bonus. I love them so much and can't wait to get some more, they are crazy beautiful and I'd highly recommend them!

I'd love to know your opinions about these products down in the comments section, please also let me know what different make-up revolution products I can try and I'll definitely check them out!

Love Kerrie❤xox

Tuesday, 21 April 2015

AMAZING foundation find!!!

Hi my loves! 

This constant change in weather these past few weeks has had a traumatic effect on my skin! It was constantly dry and flaky at one point which was really frustrating, especially when I have to wear make-up most days as part of my job. It got to the point that none of my foundations looked nice on my skin anymore and seemed to highlight my drier areas which was definitely not what I wanted! I'd heard a lot of rave reviews about the L'oreal True Match foundation so I decided to give it a try, at just £9.99 I was really happy to oblige, especially as I got 2 for £12 as part of a deal Boots had on at the time. 

This foundation is said to give a natural matte and luminous finish which is exactly what I look for in when it comes to foundation, it also claims to be highly creamy and have a silky texture which is also a bonus! This particular foundation is available in a range of 20 different shades so there should definitely be something for everyone, as part of the 2 for £12 deal I picked up shade N1 - Ivory and shade N5 - Sand (for reference).

The first time I tried this foundation I applied it with my Realtechniques buffing brush and I have to admit I didn't like the way it looked on my skin, it felt amazing to apply and blended out really well, I just thought it looked really thick and the brush strokes were clearly visible on my face, it also seemed to cling to my drier areas. Fast forward a few weeks and it's one of my staple products in my make-up kit, although it wasn't love at first sight, I've since realised that using a moisturiser or hydrating primer before application really works wonders! Also, applying the product with my Beautyblender made such a HUGE difference, I can no longer see the brush strokes on my skin and my face just looks amazing when I wear it, it also lasts all day with a setting powder applied over the top. I would say the coverage is medium but you can definitely build it up to your desired coverage, I find that I only have to apply one coat all around then go back in over my under-eye area to cover any dark circles to get the look I want!

Overall this is a really amazing foundation and it's quite hard to believe that it only costs £9.99. I've used high end foundations that haven't worked as well as this one! I definitely wasn't disappointed once I got over my initial dilemma and I'd HIGHLY recommend this product to anyone who wants to try it out, it's available from Boots and anywhere else who stocks L'oreal so places like Asda, Tesco and Superdrug. Also, definitely keep your eye out for more Boots deals because you wouldn't want to miss the amazing offers they have on sometimes especially with brands like L'oreal, Maybelline, Rimmel and the like.

I hope you've all enjoyed this post and please let me know your thoughts down in the comment section whether you already own this product or if you've recently bought it. I'd love to hear what you think!

Love Kerrie❤xox

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

How Do YOU Hoola??

Hi loves

I'm SO excited to be writing this post right now!! After a couple of days of trying out some of the products that I don't already own, I'm FINALLY able to tell you all about this amazing new Benefit kit - Do the Hoola!

This little kit is absolutely adorable, it contains many of Benefit's iconic existing products including one of my all time favourites, the They're Real mascara. Also included in this gorgeous set is the much loved Hoola bronzer and plush lipgloss, another newer product in here is the Benebalm lip balm. Finally, the fabulous LIQUID Hoola bronzer - otherwise known as Dew the Hoola also makes its debut. 

This set usually retails for £25.50, however, QVC are doing an introductory deal where it costs £23.16. I'm unsure as to when it will be available to buy in places other than QVC but I do know that it will eventually be available elsewhere.

Moving on to the review part of this post -
As many of you will probably already know, the Hoola bronzer has been around for quite some time and even though it's an older product...I'm still MADLY in love with it!! This bronzer is the perfect contour shade, even for fairer skinned people like me. I love how it can be built up to a darker shade for when I'm wearing fake tan, whenever I've worn Hoola it's been super blend-able and easy to work with, I absolutely adore it and it will always hold a special place in my heart and my make-up kit!
Another much loved favourite of mine included in this kit is the They're Real mascara, for a long while before I actually tried this mascara I was hooked on the Maybelline Falsies! It was the only mascara that really did it for me, of course until I tried They're Real. My favourite thing about this mascara is that it can be built up and still not look too clumpy, if there's one thing I hate to see it's clumpy eyelashes! Also, the applicator is perfect, the plastic bristles work to separate your lashes and allow for maximum length. I find that I receive constant compliments when I wear this mascara. 
The two lip products in this kit (Benebalm and the Hoola plush lipgloss) are favourites of mine too! I especially love Benebalm in the Summer when I don't like to wear anything too heavy on my lips, this amazing little lipbalm gives just the right amount of hydration without feeling too 'glossy' and also gives your lips a beautiful healthy colour and shine. 
The Hoola plush lipgloss is amazing for layering over a nude lipstick or even looks stunning on its own as a natural shimmer, it's not at all sticky and it smells SO good! 
And last, but definitely not least - the Dew the Hoola Liquid bronzer. I ADORE this product, I've been wearing it every day since I got it and I'll admit, I was a little confused at first. I didn't have a clue how to apply it or what make-up tools or brushes I should use to do the job. As the days went on, I used a different product each morning, from buffing brushes through to my trusted Beautyblender and I have to say, the Beautyblender definitely does the trick! I find that applying a small amount of product with my fingers and blending it out with the narrower end of my BB works best and I get maximum results using this method! This product left my skin with a natural glow throughout the day and looked really pretty. I LOVE it!! 

If you have this kit definitely let me know what you think of it down in the comments! 
Love Kerrie❤xox

Monday, 13 April 2015

Best Gel Nail Kit Ever?!

Hi lovelies :)
I've decided that my 'posting' days are going to be Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. So expect some new and exciting content on those days!! That being said, I'm here today to review this AMAZING Sensational gel nail polish starter kit that I received as a Christmas present.

The Sensationail Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit costs £69.99 from Boots, some people may be put off by the price but I think that this set really is worth it...especially when we're all guilty of spending copious amounts of money getting our nails done 'professionally' at our local salon.
Now, with this kit comes a dinky little gel nail polish in the colour mentioned on the box (in my case, Pink Chiffon) an LED lamp to 'cure' your nails, a plug for the lamp, a gel base and top coat, a primer to ensure that the gel polish lasts, a gel cleanser which removes any residue left by the top coat after the final 'cure', lint free wipes to use along with the cleanser and a little nail file and cuticle tool. The box states that this starter kit is enough to do 10 manicures, I've since done some research and found out that the all of the products included can be bought at any Salon Services store or online via the Sensationail website or Amazon for when you run out.

These nail polishes don't come cheap though, at £15 a bottle, some people are probably reluctant to purchase. I find that I can justify paying that amount due to the fact that the separate bottles are a lot bigger than the tiny little bottle you receive in the starter kit. Also, if £15 is just a little too much money to fork out on a nail polish, Fuse (by Sensationail) have 12 unique and GORGEOUS shades for £10 which work equally as well and are equally as stunning!

Another great thing about these lovely little kits is that they contain a set of very detailed instructions that explain how to carry out each step to ensure a flawless manicure. I just can't rave enough about how much I ADORE them and all of the separate nail polishes, there is a huge range of gorgeous colours and there is definitely something for everyone! Also, Boots often do a 3 for 2 offer on the nail polishes and essential tools which is a brilliant thing to take advantage of.

I hope I've managed to review this kit well enough that it will make some of your minds up on whether or not you want to buy it, honestly you will NOT be disappointed. £69.99 is pretty pricey but every product included does exactly what it says it will do and will leave you with stunning nails that everyone will be jealous of!

Love Kerrie❤xox

Sunday, 12 April 2015


Hello to whoever's reading this!! 

My name's Kerrie and I'm an 18 year old fully qualified make-up artist and nail technician from Glasgow. Last night I finally decided to make a blog after weeks and weeks of planning and Googling and taking lots of pictures! I want to make a blog to share some of my favourite hints and tips with people who, like me, are besotted by all things make-up and beauty.
 I love the idea of making new friends from different places through creating a blog and I'm excited to see how we can all come together as a community to share our thoughts and ideas, I'm also currently working for Benefit so I'll definitely be sharing my experiences of being a 'Benebabe'. 
I understand that it can take a long time to gather a following but I'm willing to put in 110%! I'll be sharing my posts via my Twitter and Instagram pages and depending how I feel I may just make a Facebook page to correspond with my other social media sites. I'll also be taking part in the Beauty blogger chats on Twitter to promote my blog, I just hope you all stick with me for the ride and enjoy whatever I post. Get ready for reviews, tutorials and so much more! 

My Instagram - beautybykerrie
My Twitter❤ - beautybykerrie

Thanks so much honeys!
Love, Kerrie ❤xox