Monday, 13 April 2015

Best Gel Nail Kit Ever?!

Hi lovelies :)
I've decided that my 'posting' days are going to be Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday. So expect some new and exciting content on those days!! That being said, I'm here today to review this AMAZING Sensational gel nail polish starter kit that I received as a Christmas present.

The Sensationail Gel Nail Polish Starter Kit costs £69.99 from Boots, some people may be put off by the price but I think that this set really is worth it...especially when we're all guilty of spending copious amounts of money getting our nails done 'professionally' at our local salon.
Now, with this kit comes a dinky little gel nail polish in the colour mentioned on the box (in my case, Pink Chiffon) an LED lamp to 'cure' your nails, a plug for the lamp, a gel base and top coat, a primer to ensure that the gel polish lasts, a gel cleanser which removes any residue left by the top coat after the final 'cure', lint free wipes to use along with the cleanser and a little nail file and cuticle tool. The box states that this starter kit is enough to do 10 manicures, I've since done some research and found out that the all of the products included can be bought at any Salon Services store or online via the Sensationail website or Amazon for when you run out.

These nail polishes don't come cheap though, at £15 a bottle, some people are probably reluctant to purchase. I find that I can justify paying that amount due to the fact that the separate bottles are a lot bigger than the tiny little bottle you receive in the starter kit. Also, if £15 is just a little too much money to fork out on a nail polish, Fuse (by Sensationail) have 12 unique and GORGEOUS shades for £10 which work equally as well and are equally as stunning!

Another great thing about these lovely little kits is that they contain a set of very detailed instructions that explain how to carry out each step to ensure a flawless manicure. I just can't rave enough about how much I ADORE them and all of the separate nail polishes, there is a huge range of gorgeous colours and there is definitely something for everyone! Also, Boots often do a 3 for 2 offer on the nail polishes and essential tools which is a brilliant thing to take advantage of.

I hope I've managed to review this kit well enough that it will make some of your minds up on whether or not you want to buy it, honestly you will NOT be disappointed. £69.99 is pretty pricey but every product included does exactly what it says it will do and will leave you with stunning nails that everyone will be jealous of!

Love Kerrie❤xox


  1. Wow this kit sounds amazing! I imagine it does a much better job than the one I tried. I'd love to invest in a lamp so I better get saving!

  2. It really is brilliant if you follow the instructions properly, obviously at first it's a bit confusing but I've done some really beautiful manicures with it!! I'll tag you in a picture on twitter of one i've done recently on my little cousin x x